Electrical Panels Unit of TMB Co. Group with more than 37 years of experience in the country’s electricity industry and with a modern and equipped factory with an area of 15,000 square meters located in Sepehr Nazarabad Industrial Zone (Alborz Province) is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of low voltage and medium voltage Electrical panels.

The products of this unit are divided into four main groups, which are:

• Low voltage switchboards up to 7010 amps
• Medium voltage switchboards up to 24 kV
• Medium voltage switchboards up to 36 kV
• Industrial automation control and protection panels



Sliding and fixed low voltage electrical panels

Sliding and fixed low voltage panels are designed and produced in the factories of this company in the country and abroad since 2001 under the license of SIEMENS, with the names of 8 PT SIVACON and SIVACON S8 with the latest IEC 1-61439 standard for use in various oil, gas, petrochemical projects (with approved shell oil standard), power plant , Steel, copper and other industries and in various applications:

• Power Center
• Distribution panel
• Motor Control Center (MCC)
• Capacitor Bank

Medium sliding and fixed voltage switchboards

Medium sliding and fixed voltage panels up to 24 kV under the license of SIEMENS Germany and called SIMOPRIME A4 & World and up to 36 kV under the license of HYUNDAI South Korea, are designed and produced under the name of HMS.
In developed relations and cooperation with SIEMENS company, in addition to designing and producing the above panels, this company is engaged in the field of designing and producing Semi GIS panels called SIMOSEC for distribution substations, as well as designing, supplying, installing and commissioning 36 KV GIS electric panels for important oil fields. , Gas, petrochemical, steel, copper, power plants and other industries with the German brand Siemens.

Design and implementation of protection and control automation systems

TMB Company, according to its experiences in contracting electrical installations and substation construction, design and construction of low and medium voltage electrical panels for the implementation of control and automation systems using modern technology and standards in the form of EPC as follows:

• Industrial Automation
• Power Distribution Control System (PDCS)
• Power Management System (PMS)
• F & G
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
• Building Management System (BMS)