The activities of the Industrial Supplies of TMB Co. Group in the field of lighting began in 1993 with the production of outdoor luminaires. In order to increase the technical and quality level of its products TMB Co. was acquainted with FAEL LUCE Company of Italy, this group has produced various lighting products in Sepehr Nazarabad Industrial Zone (Alborz Province). All stages including raw material supply, production, quality control and packaging are done with the highest standards in Europe.



Some of the achievements of the Electrical Supplies Company in the field of lighting and lighting engineering are as follows:

• Lighting design and supply of industrial, stadium, street LED lighting and flood lights
• Execution of lighting projects with metal structures, electrical panels (design, production and execution)
• Observance of standard in proper design and construction of reflectors and luminaire body with suitable IP and low wind profile level
• Creating uniform and homogeneous light by implementing technical and engineering basics.
• Provide guaranteed light engineering calculations
• Provide lighting for football fields according to AFC, FIFA standards
• Creating quality lighting suitable for filming


• LED Street Lights
• Symmetric and asymmetric floodlights (LED, HID Flood Lights) LED, HID
• Industrial flood lights (LED, HID High Bays) LED, HID